We are having a business of Film Lights and Equipment’s on hire basis for the Last 23 Years. The Lights are used in the Movies, ad films, Corporate Films, Documentaries and all other shooting purpose There are different Kinds of Lights like ARRI H.M.I PAR, CANARA H.M.I,DEDO MASTER KIT, KINO FLO, SOFT BOXES , Solar, Baby, M-10, M-20,car rig and Arri Fresnel Kits.


Current and Future Directions

We have done some respected Work in this field. We have the best Equipment for Shooting Purpose including Latest Lights used in the Movies, Ad Films etc Like Kino Flo, Arri Lights, Soft Box etc. We are Planning to Buy New Technology of Lights including .

Dedo, Arri 650 W, 850W, 1000W and Par Light because Now days New Technology Comes in Indian Mass Communication. Cameraman’s either for Movie or Serial or may be any other ad Movie using these types of Lights.

We all Know that Mumbai is Primarily the Main Centre of Indian Mass Communication or Indian Cinema but New Delhi is becoming the hot spot for Producers and Directors for any Shooting Purpose. So we wish to buy these Lights so that we can provide all sorts of equipments to Cameraman and to our Clients